This site creates and validates notarized/certified timestamps for character based content. The site was designed to be a back-end service to blog/cms software. When normal blog content is created, an easily modifiable timestamp is created. It is impossible to tell with any real certainity whether or not the content was created at that time. A certified timestamp guarantees the content was created on the timestamp indicated.

Basic usage

The server responds to two basic requests: stamp and validate. If you need to create a certified timestamp invoke the stamp service. If you need to validate an existing timestamp invoke the validate service.


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Create Timestamp


Request: POST content to the URL.

Response: The response will contain the following elements:

Note: This is a one-way process. The data sent to cannot be reconstructed from the signature.

Validate Timestamp


Request: POST a form to the URL with the following elements:

Response: A web page showing the signature validity, time of the stamp, and original content.